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When you talk about the history of Verona, it is impossible not to link it to the Scaligeri Dynasty. Throughout the country there are a lot of castles, built by the Scaligeri Dynasty in strategic positions in order to control the routes of the surrounding territories.

Even along the road to Soave you can find proves of these fortresses.

strada del vino soave

At Illasi you can find the Scaligero Castle, of very ancient origin, erected at the beginning of the year 1000; it was razed by Ezzelino Romano and lately the Castle was rebuilt by the Scaligeri dynasty.
It still keeps a tuff bastion, a tower and some remains of the ancient walls. The legend tells that, that was the place, where many passional murders were committed.
On the top of Soave's hills the Scaligero Castle dominates the landscape, it is set in the greenness of the vineyards, it consists of a central bastion, where around it, it was built a triple boundary walls, which holds three courtyards. In the past, in the first courtyard there was a church, while in the second one there was the stable.The highest part of the castle is dominated by the bastion, which dates back to the Roman period, and it was the residence of the rulers.

Tregnago you can visit the castle, which dates back to the early Middle ages, lately rebuilt by the Scaligeri Dynasty. The pentagonal bastion is very characteristic, even though it is very ruined. The walls of the castle still keep some traces of antique frescos: the Scaligeri coat of arms, a lion of St.Mark and a Madonna, which dates back to sixteenth century.

strada del vino soave
strada del vino soave


Antica Locanda El Grio-strada del vino soave
Istituto Enologo Italiano-strada del vino soave
Tenuta Faltracco-strada del vino soave

Questo portale si propone di far conoscere a tutto il mondo la quantità di ricchezze naturali, enogastronomiche, storiche ed artistiche di queste zone. Ringraziamo tutti gli operatori e i cittadini che ci hanno aiutato e coloro che vorranno fornirci informazioni, materiale e quant’altro possa servire per rendere questo portale sempre più ricco e aggiornato.