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In the typical menus of this area you can find as starters soppressa or salami matched to the maize porridge (in soft or toasted version).
The "trippa" can be either a starter or a second course.
Passing to the first course you can have tagliatelle soup with chicken livers or Risotto cooked with Soave wine.
In winter you can taste filled pasta, risottos and tagliatelle with chicory of Verona, in spring the chicory is replaced by the asparagus of the nearby town Arcole or by the green peas of Colognola.
An interesting rediscovery is the "pamojo", an antique and savoury dish of this territory.
As second course you can have dried salted cod or boiled meat with "pearà".

According to antique recipes you can have also the roasted kid, cooked on a low flame with Soave.
In almost all Val d'Illasi's Trattorias you can taste the dunkey's stew or snails.
At the end the cakes, unfailing in Recioto di Soave's land, the fugassa (flat bread), la pisota con l'ua (caked baked with grapes), the shortcrust pastry and the cherries jam tarts.
At Costeggiola, Soave's hamlet the local cakes are: "rufioi" a sort of filled raviolo with raisins, candied lemons, almonds and macaroons).

Hostaria di Cansignorio-strada del vino soave
Ristorante Al Parolo-strada del vino soave


350 g of minced meat
2 onions
150 g of celery
500 g of tomatoes
basil and garlic
cherries'juice (300 g)
red wine.

Mince the meat togheter with the onions, the celery, the tomatoes, the basil and the garlic.
Add the cherries'juice and two glasses of red wine. Cook this on a low flame for an hour in an earthenware pan and add as paprika as you want. Serve the bigoli with this sauce and spicy grated provolone.


Ingredients for four people:
100 g of lard
100 g of tomato sauce
3 green onions
4 courgettes
4 potatoes
1dry bread

Boil the potatoes and the courgettes into 3 liters of water, in an another pan you fry lightly the 3 onions and the crushed lard.
When it is cooked blend in all the ingredients and pour it on the dry bread, cut into pieces. The meal must be served very hot.




300 g of stale bread, minced very thin
150 g of marrow-ox
half liter of beef stock
100 g of butter
black pepper
grated parmesan cheese (2 spoons)

You melt the marrow-ox into the butter in an earthenware pan. Add the grated bread and the grated parmesan cheese and a little at a time the hot beef stock, mingle it well with a whisk in order to avoid to form lumps. Let it simmer on a low flame for about 2 hours.
Around the end of the cooking add some pepper: The quantity changes according to the personal taste, but you have to remind that "pear" in dialect means pepper: do not be sparing with this spicy! The peara' must be soft not liquid: if it is necessary add more beef stock or bread in order to obtain the right consistence.

  Posta Vecia - strada del vino soave ristorante San Briccio - strada del vino soave

Ingredients for two people:
a little onion
30 g of butter
160 g of Vialone nano Veronese rice
a glass of Soave doc wine
vegetable stock
60 g of grated parmesan cheese
pepper and salt

Mince the onion and make it blond in the butter, pour the rice and you make it toast for some minutes. Pour the glass of wine, make it tasty with a pinch of salt and a lavish quantity ground of pepper. Cook it, damping it with little ladles of hot stock. Before to serve it, pour in the rice some parmesan cheese and some butter and then serve it on a pre-heated dishes

San Felice - strada del vino soave Pizzeria del Campione del Mondo Massimo - strada del vino soave Az ienda Agrituristica Tosetti - strada del vino soave


Ingredients for the filled:
100 g of pine-seeds
300 g of raisins
700 g of macaroons
300 g of candied citrons
300 g of almonds
300 g of grated bread scalded in the milk
200 g of sugar
3 eggs
1 glass of rhum

Ingredients for the rolled -out pastry

1 kg of flour
10 eggs
a pinch of salt for the egg
4 spoons of butter
some milk
some oil to fry

Grind the ingredients for the filling very small, knead them after that the scalded bread wiil be cooled.
Mix everything and let it stand for a day.. Prepare the rolled-out pastry, roll the dough out thin, cut it with a glass in many circles, in which you will place some of the dough and then you will close them in order to form some half-moons. Fry them in some hot oil a few at a time. After dripping them sprinkle them with some sugar and then serve them

200 g of flour
200 g of sugar
200 g of shelled almonds
2 egg's yolks
2 spoons of cream
20 g of butter
a pinch of salt

Make half-cook the almonds in very hot water; after that drip them, take their peel off and whip them up with 3 spoons of sugar. Sieve the flour on a pastry board, placed it well, put the whipped almonds in the center, add a pinch of salt, the egg's yolks, some sugar and the cream; knead the ingredients quickly until you will obtain a mixture in crumbs. Brush a cake-tin with some butter, place the mixture and press it with your fingers in order to obtain a layer 1 cm high.
Place the cake in a pre-heated oven (180°) and let it cook for 30 minutes.

Recipes, sent by some Restaurants of Soave area

Before all soak the dried porcini mushrooms in warmish water.
Take a good rabbit, cut it in pieces and flour it. In a pan melt the butter, put there the rabbit and let it brown. At this point add some chopped onion and when it will be blond, sprinkle it with some Soave D.O.C..
When the wine will be evaporated add the mushrooms damp everything with some extra-virgin oil. After the cook make it tasty adding some salt and pepper .

"Antica Trattoria Fattori" 's recipe,Terrosa di Roncà (Vr)


Ingredients for the sauce:
Duck's meat, onion, celery, carrot, salt, pepper, fennels'seeds, sage and Soave wine.

Make a chopped herbs and place it a pan with some sage and add the minced duck.
Cook it add some beef stock.
Cook the bigoli in much salted water, then mingle them with the sauce.

"Dalla Lisetta" 's recipe, Restaurant situated at Cellore d'Illasi (VR)


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